Central Church in Centre Wellington

Life Groups

We grow in community.

Jesus invites us to follow him in community with one another. Relationships are an important part of following Jesus and becoming like him. Life Groups are a good way to build relationships that will help you become more like Jesus.

Life Groups are small groups of people who develop rhythms and practices that help them connect and grow together with Jesus. There is a place for you in one of these groups at Central!

What do Life Groups do? 

Each Life Group will develop their own rhythms and practices that fit them best – including when, where, and how often they will gather. Group leaders will help the group discover the best ways of connecting, growing, and serving together. 

In general, Life Groups…

·       Choose specific Scriptures or study topics to go through together. (Central has many book studies and media resources to help each group!)

·       Learn to become a safe place to open our lives to one another.

·       Share meals or other activities that help build community with one another. 

·       Pray for one another and support each person in the group.

A wonderful image of groups that learn together, open their lives to each other, eat together, and pray together is found in Acts 2:42. Life Groups can use this as a guide for their own rhythms and practices.


How can I join a Life Group? 

When you are ready to join a Life Group, fill out this registration form. A pastor will help you connect with a group that will be a good fit. There is a place for you in the community at Central!

How can I host or lead a group? 

Life Group leaders have an important role in the community of Central. They help model discipleship and nurture the sort of community where people open their lives to each other and explore their faith.

Because this is a big role, you will not have to figure it out alone! If you are interested in leading a Life Group, please contact a pastor to explore the process of leadership training.