Summer Scavenger Hunt

Thanks so much for participating! Hopefully, you’ll have fun and get to explore Centre Wellington a bit more! 

Once you have reached the location, where the clues have taken you, pose for a photo with your group and tag us on Instagram with @welcome2central or on Facebook with @welcome2central.


  1. A park named after an alliance. 
  2. Down the river and through the trees you’ll find a river made of jewels. 
  3. Long may your big jib draw.
  4. Particularly sweet and gooey, I LOVE going here to get a rich treat.
  5. Fern – N + Guard – ard + s // Then – N + ate – E + remember – member
  6. Here you’ll find historic clothing and artifacts.
  7. A friendly place to sit down and have a meal by the river.
  8. Their scales shimmer with gold, though they still have human skin.
  9. A beautiful Elora lookout over the rushing waters.
  10.  Your journey is almost complete, go to the place where this Church meets!

On August 6th, make sure to check back to find the answers to any clues you have missed! Good luck!